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  • Wallcon Foundation Concrete Team


“Let Our Family’s Foundation Create Yours.”

Our company’s slogan was created by an employee, and we all believe in being a family that truly take care of each other and our clients. A collaborative culture, open communication and a fun environment with annual employee events make working for Wallcon more than just a job – it’s a career.


“Culture is based off family-first. We work together, work very hard, do things outside of the day-to-day operations to spend time as a family and get involved, we treat each other like brothers and sisters around here.”

Ken, 23 years with Wallcon

“We have created a culture in which communication is #1. We have open communication in this company and that is Scott’s policy. Is an open door policy – doesn’t matter if it is a brand new employee or has been for years, they have that door is open. It begins with trusting each other. We are like a big family – we have our disagreements, but at the end of the day we sit around the table and eat together.”

Darwin , 7 years with Wallcon

“My favorite thing about working here is the people that I work with. What drives me is to try and be the best I can be for them, Scott and Erin, and my family at home.”

Dennis, 9 years with Wallcon

“Here at Wallcon it has always been a family business that has now grown large but still has that family atmosphere to where each and every person has a place, a name – nobody is a number here. Every guy that works with me and under me feels like we’re all brothers. Once you come to work for Wallcon, you want to retire here. I cannot think of any reason that people would want to leave this company and work somewhere else.”

Marco, 23 years with Wallcon


Wallcon takes pride in creating a safe environment for every employee. With an EMOD safety rating of 0.57, we take every precaution to make sure all employees get home safely to their families every night. We have an open-door policy and strive to make sure every member of our team feels valued, appreciated, and has opportunities for growth.

Construction workers reviewing papers


There’s a reason our employees call each other brother and sister and think of ourselves as a family. Whether it’s during day-to-day operations or at annual events, our employees enjoy spending time with each other and the benefits of a company culture where you always have each other’s backs – you are never alone.


Wallcon enjoys giving back to our communities. Between annual field trips with local elementary schools and sponsoring baseball teams, we make sure that we are involved and engaged throughout the communities we live and work in.

Wallcon team removing concrete together


Our employees strive to perform at the highest level to reach their full potential. By providing professional development and growth opportunities, our employees are deeply committed to their career and providing the best quality work.

We pride ourselves on having an enjoyable workplace that fosters growth and safety for each employee. We take care of our employees like they are our own family.